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Celimontano has always been dedicated to offering its residents great cultural encounters, including opportunities to meet with political leaders and reflections on current issues, as well as opportunities for recreation and the cultivation musical and artistic passions.

Italian politicians, great writers, entrepreneurs, footballers, philosophers, singers and directors have shared their professional experience and, thus, have contributed to expanding students’ knowledge of the professional world.



TV presenter, TV writer, screenwriter, director, writer, actor and radio presenter


Ficarra e Picone

Actors, comedians, TV presenters and film directors

Cosimo Sasso

Regional Commander of Guardia di Finanza in Sicily

Antonio Tajani



Antonio Baldassarre

President Emeritus of the Constitutional Court

Carlo Casini

Court of Cassation magistrate and journalist

Carla Rabitti Bedogni

Jurist and commercial law academic

Daniele Mancini

Italian Ambassador

Maretta Scoca

Politician and lawyer

Wilhelm Staudacher

German politician

Antun Sbutega

Republic of Montenegro ambassador

Gianfranco Gennaro

Founder and co-owner of Awair

Dario Antoniozzi



Maria Chiara Carrozza

Scientist and politician


Marcello Pera


Giorgia Meloni



Giacomo Samek Lodovici

Journalist, writer and History of Moral Doctrines teacher

Massimo Introvigne

Sociologist, philosopher and writer

Angela Ales Bello

Philosopher, founder and director of the Italian Center of Phenomenology

Saverio Gaeta

Journalist and writer

Mons. Slawomir Oder

Priest at the Vicariate of Rome

Alberto Michelini

Journalist and politician

Florence Oloo

Vice-rector of Strathmore University in Nairobi

Robert C. Koons

Philosophy professor at University of Texas

J.F. Velez e M.L. Velez de Estrada

Experts of preteen and teen education

Bernhard Warner

Journalist and social-media consultant

John Paul Wauck

Priest and literature teacher

Cristian Conen

Academic Director of the Science of Family Institute at Austral University in Buenos Aires

Ignacio Ibarzàbal


Cecilia Randall


Alì Ehsani

Afghan writer

Juliàn Herranz

President Emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts and of the Disciplinary Commission of the Roman Curia

Gian Candido De Martin

Full Professor of Administrative Law

Emma Fattorini

Contemporary History Professor

Michel Martone

Lawyer and Full Professor of Labour Law


Eugenia Roccella

Journalist and politician


Antonia Arslan

Writer and essayist

Joaquin Navarro Vals

Spanish medical doctor and writer

Roberto Morrione


Giorgio Muratore

Architect and professor of History of Art and Contemporary Architecture

José Miguel Perez Sierra


Mario Gianani

Film Producer

Giancarlo Cucinello


Andrea Petroni

Travel blogger


Francesco Alò

Journalist and film critic

Eduardo Verástegui

Mexican actor and singer

Davide Rondoni

Poet and writer


Valerio M. Manfredi

Archeologist and writer


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